Develop a creative solution to launch Subway® Savers Menu on social media. The creative solution should showcase the low price point (without direct reference) and shouldn’t dictate the time of day people can enjoy the menu.


With a menu jam-packed full of indulgent deliciousness, we positioned these new menu items as the Subway® Craver Savers, the ultimate saving for your craving. For this campaign we needed to shake up the look and feel of all Subway’s social content and help people ‘eat with their eyes’. We shot bespoke high-quality images of these delicious items ensuring every bit of content would be to be impossible to ignore.

Scheduling our “craving-activators” to appear at times of the day when people are most likely to be thinking about their next meal or snack, we reminded people of their love for food. As a campaign Subway® Craver Savers aimed to be a little bit arty, a little bit fun and a whole lotta sexy. We created mouth-watering temptation and directed at every hungry customer on our channels.