Conceptualise and create a print and on air campaign for National Geographic’s new documentary series “Africa’s Wild Kingdom Reborn”. The campaign should tell the heartbreaking story about the history of the Gorongosa National Park and it’s residents.


In order to set this series apart from other educational content on the channel, my concept positioned it as an emotional story with growth and hope at its core. The tagline “Destroyed by Man. Reclaimed By Nature” fully encompassed the history of the park, as well as the hopeful future to come. Our print ad kicked off the campaign, teasing to our fully realised, animated on air promotional video.

My campaign concept proposal was selected from a variety of entrants, by the National Geographic global office, and rolled out worldwide.

Our team also had the opportunity to meet with the series director, onsite in Mozambique, where we created further behind-the-scenes spots to accompany the campaign.  

We won a Gold Promax BDA for best outdoor print ad, and were finalists in the New York Festivals International TV and Film Awards.